Business Naming Details

Do you have selected already? How did you come to it? If not, do you have a list of proposed names or will you be hiring a company to assist with naming?

Domains Owned and/or Identified for Purchase

List all currently owned domains and any you have researched for future purchases and related costs.

Trademarks and Patents

Include details about Registered, Pending, and Proposed Trademarks and Patents.

Business Registrations

Provide details about business registrations, including expenses, dates, names, etc.

Clients on Board

Provide details about the number of current clients, key names/companies, and sales and revenue numbers to demonstrate current traction.


How many business advisors do you currently have? Who are they? What stake do they hold in the business (if any)?

Key Business Infrastructure in Place

Provide details about the basic facilities, structures and services upon which the business is built. This includes physical things, as well as basic software and services.

Key Next Steps

What are the key next steps to increase your current traction?

Key KPIs

Provide details about the KPIs you are currently tracking and why they are relevant.